5 very good reasons to stress less!

Unlimited stress leads to disease. That is the inevitable worst case scenario.

Good routines give more energy!

Last week I showed that stress is grades on a scale from normal “healthy” stress to severe disease – read it here.

We saw that some stress is part of normal life. Today I will talk about what happens in your body and life when you stress too much. Read this and you might want to do something about it.

  1. Stress make you sick!

This is one BIG reason for doing changes. And we are talking about serious illness like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and more. We are talking about killers.

  1. Stress make you become a different you!

As if it is not enough that stress hurts your body – it also affects your mind. You get angry, grumpy for “no reason at all”, you get depressed and you lose your ability for empathy, in the end you just don’t care anymore. In all you may become an unpleasant person to be around.

  1. Stress make you ineffective!

The more you stress the more unfocused you get. You put things everywhere and then you don’t remember where you put it. You lose structure. Being unfocused also mean you do things wrong and have to do them again.

  1. Stress make you lose time!

Being ineffective means losing time. Because you have to look for things twice, because you have to redo things and because disease often makes you more tired.

  1. Stress make you lose friends!

This one works both ways. Your friends find you more unpleasant to be with; grumpy, unfocused and depressed. And you start to lose interest in social contacts because you don’t have the time for it, you are tired, you are unfocused and want to be left alone.

As you have seen above all 5 points co-work and overlap either if you stress more or if you stress less. If you do something that will make you stress less you will get wins in all 5 areas. I can’t emphasize this enough – it all connects.

If you want some tips right now about what to do you can register here for my free audio Stress Less Today. It will give you instant tips and you will also get one new de-stress tip every week for a whole year. Imagine the difference that might make in your life!


Here is also room for great deeds helping each other out – warning each other in time. Don’t be afraid to telling friends when you see they start getting drawn into this overwhelming process.

I plan to have more posts on this subject ahead – now I have covered “What can happen”. I will continue about “What to do”. Keep your eyes open.

And I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s topic. Just post a comment or question below and I will read it – and answer.

Until next week – keep smiling!

Dr. Annika