3 Sources of Chaos and How You Can Learn to Deal With Them

Chaos is defined as complete confusion with synonyms that include mayhem, disruption and turmoil. There are many sources of chaos in our as many circumstances and events are beyond our control. Here are 3 common sources of chaos and some ways that you can learn to deal with them.

1. FAMILY & FRIENDS – No one’s family is perfect and the larger the family, the greater the effects of differing perspectives and personalities. Socially, having friends can be a very positive thing but disorder can occur when we become too intertwined with someone else’s life. Much in the same ways that chaos can come from family connections, friends can be toxic and it may take some time to discover this. The best way to deal with these sources of disruption in both friends and family is to accept what is and is not in your control in every situation. You can’t control the decisions they make and the drama it may create but you can control how you react to them. If you are giving too much of yourself to help others instead of focus on yourself, you may need to set boundaries. This will help teach others how to treat you and how they can expect you to respond to them. It may also be necessary to completely eliminate some people out of your life in order to preserve your own happiness.

2. MONEY & CAREER – Finances are one of the leading causes of stress and unhappiness in today’s society. Pressure to spend money in order to ‘keep up’ appearances has a lot of people in crippling debt. Too often we look for satisfaction and happiness from material items and when we remain unfulfilled we end up feeling worse. Not to mention, life is full of curveballs and if we aren’t prepared to ‘catch’ them, they can also lead to major upheavals. It’s important to have a system of savings in place so that if the dishwasher breaks it won’t also ‘break’ your bank account. These type of emergencies can’t be predicted but we can plan ways to prepare for them.

3. HEALTH & WELLNESS – Many times when our body is trying to tell us to slow down, we don’t listen. Not getting adequate sleep, not eating properly and not exercising regularly will eventually catch up with us. When the signs of a cold are coming on, taking 24 hours to rest-up and get better is far less of an investment then ignoring it and inevitably being incapacitated for a longer period of time. Feeling out-of-shape, unhealthy and sluggish has many underlying effects on our mood and how we see ourselves. If we feel weak we will be unable to handle the stress that comes into our lives appropriately. Treat your body as a temple and learn what it needs in order to operate efficiently.


There are many other sources of chaos in our lives and it’s important for us to identify them. The sooner we can find better ways of coping with them the less stress we will experience and the happier our lives will be. What are some sources of chaos in your life?

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Until next week – keep smiling!

Dr. Annika