10 good reasons for physical activity!

Physical activity is the #1 “pill” for many health issues!
Physical Activity for bright Ideas

I listened to a really good video-blog the other day. It was Jeff Walker, Internet Marketing TM, who had a post about “How to stay Centered and Productive”. Interestingly enough he didn’t talk about having structure in work or a clean desktop or other workplace related issues. He talked about my subject – take a walk, run, go to the gym and other physical activity and combining it with meditation and forgiveness to yourself for not always being at the top. This led my thoughts to the fact that health is the basis of everything and I started thinking about what physical activity more is good for.

I came up with a long list of at least 10 things. Some of them not so obvious. I´ll get back to the list in just a minute but first I just want to recall what health is all about. It is about physical and mental and emotional issues, yes your total situation. Food, sleep, stress, relations, job situation, free time, use of stimulants, self-esteem, the list can be long. Physical activity is just one part of it – but an important part.

Here is the list of 10 good reasons for physical activity:

  1. Your thinking gets more focused
  2. You come up with new brilliant ideas
  3. Physical activity eats stress hormones
  4. It prevents muscle and joint pain
  5. You get better balance by strengthened muscles
  6. You strengthen your heart
  7. You lower/normalize your blood pressure
  8. You lower cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood
  9. You lower/normalize your blood sugar
  10. It lowers your weight (combined with food issues)
  11. It helps for mild depression

Whooops, I even got to eleven things in a blink. And the list can be much longer. This shows that physical activity is essential both for our body to stay fit and healthy AND for our mind to stay fit and healthy too. Good to know if you are a business executive or leader – both for your own well-being and also for the one you are in charge for.

What to do?

Best thing is to make habits in life where some kind of physical activity is part of it. One example may be what I do. I take a 30 minute brisk walk every morning before breakfast. That helps my muscles to stay fit, my heart to strengthen a little extra and my brain to get cleared before the work of the day. After the walk I eat a nourishing breakfast and the day has gotten a great start.

What other effects of physical activity can you add? What are your best tips for exerciseing?  Feel free to share your stories and/or tips below as a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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Keep smiling!

Dr. Annika

6 thoughts on “10 good reasons for physical activity!

  1. Great blog Annika,
    It is always helpful to be reminded of basic and yet powerful ways to maintain health. Like you I am a dedicated walker. I started a routine the beginning of the year that involves the use of a pedometer. I set as a goal to reach 10,000 to 10,500 steps per day. It took awhile to build up but now it is fairly consistent and the result is a greater sense of energy and strength. As it has been said, “keep on truckin'”.

    • Thanks for stopping by and charing your thoughts. I did use a pedometer before but dont any longer. I found myself focusing so much on the “milage” that I forgot to enjoy the walking.

  2. Yes Dr Annika — you are right with your 11 points — and how does someone you has been active and knows all these things get motivated to do activities? Maybe a follow up blog post — Challenge yourself to go from sedentary to active again.
    Thanks — good blog.

  3. Thank you for sharing this important information. It reminds us what a difference in a day only a short brisk walk in the morning can do. It can put us in a completely different state of health and mind for the whole day. My thing is Yoga in the morning. Only yesterday I felt I had a very low energy, was pretty weak but somehow “forced” myself to go to the class. Well, one hour later I felt completely different, pretty energized and ready to move on with my task for the day. Yes, any kind of exercise in the morning can make a big change. What is important here is to choose one we like, so it will be easier to motivate ourselves in the morning.

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